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Use this tool to test your password to see how strong it is. You can also generate random passwords. Strong passwords are passwords that cannot be easily hacked or guessed. If your password meets the minimum requirements, and has a score of 90% or more, then you will virtually have an unbreakable, secure password. Webmasters should use this tool to create safe and secure passwords for all password protected accesses, including FTP, SSH, and app admin control panels. Surfers should do similarly to create strong passwords: for example, passwords for online banking, social media login passwords, online utility login passwords, etc.

Use these tools to check if you have an account that has been compromised in a data breach, or to check if your password has previously appeared in a data breach.

Use the GoodPassCloner tool to clone encrypted passwords for some of the more popular web-based apps like WordPress.

View the top 10,000 most common or popular passwords. If you use any of these passwords, then you should change your password ASAP.

Generate hash values (message digests) using a variety of hashing algorithms.

Use the GoodPassmeterReadable tool to convert your readable, pronounceable, easy to remember password into a more secure password.

Use this tool to map attack origins, attack types, attack target, attacker IP, attacker geo, and ports.

Password Sentry
Add an extra level of protection from password traders and hackers: Password Sentry. Password Sentry (PS) is a website password protection application that monitors logins to detect and block password sharing. PS employs cutting edge technology to block dictionary and brute force attacks: stop hackers from guessing passwords. Secure your website password protection with Password Sentry! The better app for better websites for better website password protection!