Use this tool to test your password to see how strong it is. You can also generate random passwords. Strong passwords are passwords that cannot be easily hacked or guessed. If your password meets the minimum requirements, and has a score of 90% or more, then you will virtually have an unbreakable, secure password. Webmasters should use this tool to create safe and secure passwords for all password protected accesses, including FTP, SSH, and app admin control panels. Surfers should do similarly to create strong passwords: for example, passwords for online banking, social media login passwords, online utility login passwords, etc.

Is it safe testing and generating passwords here? Yes!

Your connection is secure and encrypted using HTTPS/SSL.
This tool uses client-side (JavaScript) scripting, and not server-side scripting. Your password is not passed to or stored on our server.
We do not know who you are.
We do not know for what and where you are generating a password.
We have been in business since 1997, providing security to our online clients who number in the thousands.